S.J. Public School, A legacy to be continued

Step into the world of excellence with SJ Public School, where education isn’t just about academics; it’s about crafting character and nurturing values that last a lifetime. As part of the SJ Family, we’re not just educators; we’re guardians of integrity and champions of compassion.

From the earliest years, we weave tales of morality and engage in acts of service, sculpting young minds into pillars of virtue. But it doesn’t stop there. Our curriculum extends far beyond textbooks, offering a kingdom of extracurriculars where passions flourish and talents soar. 

In our halls, diversity thrives, and inclusivity reigns supreme. Here, every student is not just welcomed but celebrated, fostering a culture of respect, responsibility, and boundless kindness. 

Join us in continuing the legacy of excellence at SJ Public Schools, where every child’s potential is not just realized but magnified. Reach out today, and let us embark on this journey of education and inspiration together. Your child’s future begins here.

About us:Elevating Excellence, Achieving Ambitions

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Jaipur lies SJ Public School, a beacon of educational excellence since its establishment in July 1986. Under the esteemed patronage of Shri Shwetamber Jain Vidyalaya Shiksha Samiti, this distinguished English medium co-educational institution stands as a testament to a commitment to providing unparalleled quality education, where the holistic development of each student reigns supreme.

Spanning across a verdant expanse, our sprawling campus serves as a nurturing sanctuary, fostering an atmosphere conducive to intellectual exploration and growth. Here, amidst lush green lawns, nearly 2000 students embark on a transformative journey, guided by a philosophy that places their aspirations at the forefront. We take pride in sculpting not mere scholars, but dignified citizens, instilling values that resonate with the essence of our rich heritage.

At SJ Public School, we embrace the ethos of excellence as our guiding light. Whether it be in the realm of academics, athletics, fine arts, or music, we fervently believe in the unique potential harboured within each child. Through personalized attention and unwavering support, we endeavour to unveil and nurture these inherent talents, empowering our students to soar to unparalleled heights of achievement.

Beyond the realms of academia, SJPS stands as a bastion of Jain philosophy, embodying the timeless principles of ahimsa – reverence for all life. Rooted in the ancient traditions of Jain Shasan, our ethos is steeped in the ethos of spiritual interconnectedness and the sanctity of all beings. It is our solemn endeavour to imbue these sacred teachings into the moral fabric of our institution, cultivating compassionate leaders who exemplify the noble virtues of tolerance, empathy, and respect for all.

As stewards of education, we cherish the privilege of shaping young minds and moulding future leaders. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, SJ Public School continues to illuminate the path towards enlightenment, inspiring generations to embrace knowledge, compassion, and integrity.


Step into the realm of education excellence with S.J. Public School, where learning transcends the ordinary and becomes a delightful journey. Our innovative approach to education fosters creativity, sensitivity, and values, all while leveraging cutting-edge technology to create an inclusive environment for all.

At S.J. Public School, we don’t just teach subjects; we cultivate a scientific temperament, instil a modern outlook, and nurture a profound love for our motherland in every student. Join us and embark on a path towards holistic development and academic success.


Our institution is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to thrive in a diverse and ever-changing world. We strive to cultivate a sense of pride in our students, instilling in them a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage and traditions of our nation. Through a holistic approach to education, we aim to develop students into enlightened and disciplined citizens who are poised to make meaningful contributions to society. With a focus on character development and academic excellence, we empower our students to become leaders of tomorrow, embodying the ideals of our vibrant civilization.


Our objectives are finely tuned to drive innovation, foster growth, and exceed expectations. With a focus on precision and foresight, we aim to:

  1. Pioneer Innovation: Pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology to deliver groundbreaking solutions that inspire and shape the future.
  2. Cultivate Excellence: Setting the benchmark for quality and craftsmanship, we strive for nothing less than perfection in every endeavour.
  3. Foster Collaboration: Building strong partnerships and fostering a culture of teamwork to leverage diverse perspectives and maximize collective potential.
  4. Empower Individuals: Investing in the development and empowerment of our team members, enabling them to thrive and realize their full potential.
  5. Enrich Communities: Contributing positively to the communities we serve by promoting sustainability, social responsibility, and economic prosperity.
  6. Drive Sustainable Growth: Balancing ambition with responsibility, we pursue sustainable growth strategies that create long-term value for all stakeholders.

With these objectives guiding our actions, we embark on a journey of continuous improvement, innovation, and excellence, driving us towards new heights of success and fulfilment.

Discover what sets SJ Public School apart:

Culture of Excellence: We foster an environment that champions academic achievement and holistic development.
Personalized Learning: Our dedicated teachers provide individualized attention to meet the diverse needs of every student.
Expert Faculty: Talented and experienced educators are committed to nurturing students’ potential.
Student Care Professionals: A dedicated team ensures the well-being and success of every child.
Integrated Curriculum: From Play Group to Grade 10, our curriculum ensures a seamless transition and enriching learning experience.
Outstanding Achievements: We take pride in our exceptional academic, sports, and co-curricular accomplishments.
Community Service: Our extensive community service programs instil strong human and social values.
Cultural Values and Global Citizenship: We uphold Indian culture while fostering a global perspective among our students.
Safe Environment: We prioritize student well-being, providing a secure and nurturing learning environment.
Leadership Opportunities: Students have access to high-quality leadership experiences and exposure to inspiring personalities from various fields.

At SJ Public School, we go beyond academics to shape well-rounded individuals prepared to excel in a rapidly changing world.

Our Pedagogy:

Unlocking potential through dynamic pedagogy, SJ Public School crafts a comprehensive curriculum to equip students for a dynamic world. From foundational subjects like math and science to fostering creativity in writing and language learning, we offer a holistic approach. Beyond academics, our diverse co-curricular options encompass athletics, music, art, coding, entrepreneurship, and community service. Our focus extends beyond mere education; we cultivate well-rounded individuals prepared to excel in any endeavour they pursue. At SJ Public School, excellence isn’t just a goal—it’s our standard.

Our faculty:

At the heart of our institution lies our exceptional faculty. Comprised of dedicated and experienced professionals, they inspire, mentor, and nurture our students to reach their highest potential. With a passion for teaching and a commitment to personalized education, our instructors tailor their approach to cater to the individual needs and learning styles of each student. Their unwavering dedication ensures that every student receives the guidance and support they need to excel academically and personally.

Our facilities:

Indulge in our world-class facilities designed to ignite creativity and foster learning. Our campus boasts state-of-the-art Smart classrooms, cutting-edge AI/Computer labs, and fully equipped Geo, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology labs. Dive into the realms of knowledge in our Mathematics lab, Composite Lab and explore boundless imagination in our art rooms. Unwind in our library or express yourself through music and dance. Stay active
with our sports facilities and playgrounds. Experience a holistic educational journey where every corner is a gateway to excellence.

Our community:

Welcome to our vibrant community at SJ Public School, where collaboration and inclusivity thrive. We prioritize parent engagement to foster academic excellence and holistic development for every student. Our commitment to cultural sensitivity and global awareness prepares our students to thrive in an interconnected world. Join us as we nurture the leaders of tomorrow in a nurturing and dynamic environment.

Sports and Academies at SJPS:

Step into a world where sports transcend mere competition, shaping resilient leaders of tomorrow. Our school’s comprehensive sports program offers more than just physical activity—it instils teamwork, leadership, and resilience. From indoor games like table tennis, chess, and carrom, to our renowned academies including cricket, basketball, volleyball, football, mixed martial arts, and skating, we offer a platform for students to thrive. Join us in cultivating a passion for sports and empowering our students to excel both on and off the field.

Skills training:

Fostering creativity. Our school cultivates a diverse skill set, from problem-solving to artistic prowess. Our innovative curriculum prepares students for real-world success, empowering them to pursue passions with confidence.

Innovation and Incubation Cell at SJPS:

At SJPS we are dwelled to create the stars of tomorrow by supporting the ideas and cultivating the seeds of knowledge and thoughts of young minds, our innovation and incubation cell offers a wide array of services to students in all fields by placing these young minds in different areas of work for direct hours of learning and development, by placing and associating our children at different work areas where they can go and learn by doing and being direct part as observers and contributors in the businesses, organizations they are part of, our students get hands-on learning through this vestibule school model.

By getting real time exposure and experience our students becoming true pioneers of their field, In our knowledge exchange program, we invite various field experts to come, interact and connect with our faculty and students and give expert feedback and knowledge to enhance the scope of success in their life and future endeavours.

Smart Classrooms:

Smart classrooms at SJ Public School are furnished with cutting-edge technology like interactive whiteboards, tablets, and laptops, coupled with internet connectivity, fostering interactive and captivating learning environments. These classrooms facilitate multimedia presentations, virtual excursions, interactive tasks, and instant feedback and evaluations. They empower educators to customize lessons according to students’ unique requirements and aptitudes, integrating multimedia materials and online collaboration tools seamlessly into their teaching methodologies.

School Clubs

Mental Health and Wellness Club

Mental Health and Wellness Club

The Mental Health and Wellness Club aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can openly discuss mental health concerns, access resources, and engage in activities that promote well-being.

Literary, Spoken & Readers Club

Literary, Spoken & Readers Club

The purpose of the Literary Club at SJ Public School is to foster a love for literature and language among students. Through engaging activities and events, we aim to cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills

Art & Craft Club

Art & Craft Club

The art club provides a platform to the students to explore their creativity. It also gives opportunities and freedom to the students to try new things. An opportunity to explore art and craft beyond what is offered in the curriculum. It gives students the opportunity to work individually and in groups.

Eco Club

Eco Club

A student-led initiative focused on promoting environmental awareness and sustainability within the school community. Through various activities such as tree planting, waste reduction campaigns, and recycling drives, the club aims to foster a culture of eco-consciousness among students and staff.

Pixel Club

Pixel Club

The Photography/Pixel club of SJ Public School is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting photography and digital imaging skills among its members. Through workshops, photo walks, and hands-on activities, the club aims to foster creativity, develop technical proficiency, and encourage artistic expression.

Performing Arts Club

Performing Arts Club

The Performing Arts Club at SJ Public School is a dynamic extracurricular activity that fosters creativity and talent among students. Led by dedicated faculty members, the club offers opportunities for students to explore various forms of performing arts including music, dance, drama, and more.

MUN Club

MUN Club

The Model United Nations (MUN) club at SJ Public School is a vibrant extracurricular activity that simulates the United Nations conferences. Students in the club research, debate, and draft resolutions on global issues, enhancing their understanding of diplomacy, international relations, and public speaking.

Cyber Club

Cyber Club

Dedicated to promoting digital literacy, cybersecurity awareness, and responsible use of technology among students. The club organizes workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions to educate students about online safety, cyberbullying prevention, and ethical hacking.

Numeracy and Literacy Club

Numeracy and Literacy Club

Aimed at enhancing mathematical and language skills among students. Through engaging activities, workshops, and competitions, the club fosters a love for numbers and words while promoting critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

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