Student Welfare Committees

POCSO & POSH Committee

The School’s POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) & POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Committee is responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff regarding sexual offenses and harassment. It implements policies, conducts awareness programs, handles complaints, and takes appropriate actions to create a safe and respectful environment within the school community.


Canteen Monitoring Committee

 The School’s Canteen Monitoring Committee is a group responsible for overseeing the operations and standards of the school canteen. Its duties include ensuring food safety, monitoring hygiene practices, regulating pricing, and addressing any concerns related to the canteen’s offerings. Team working together to maintain a healthy and conducive environment in the school canteen.


Pedagogical NCF Planning Committee

This committee is responsible for aligning the school’s pedagogical approach with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). Members collaborate to develop strategies and plans that ensure the curriculum meets the educational needs and standards outlined by the NCF.


School Beneficiaries Satisfaction Committee

Tasked with assessing the satisfaction levels of various stakeholders, including students, parents, and staff, this committee gathers feedback and implements initiatives to enhance the overall experience and well-being of individuals associated with the school.


Transportation and Safety Management Committee

Focused on ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation services provided by the school, this committee oversees vehicle maintenance, driver training, and the implementation of safety protocols. Additionally, it addresses concerns related to student safety on campus and during transportation.


Sanitation and Waste Management Committee

Responsible for maintaining hygienic and clean facilities, this committee develops and implements strategies for effective waste management, sanitation practices, and the promotion of environmental sustainability within the school premises.


Anti-Ragging and Anti-Bullying Committee

Committed to fostering a safe and inclusive school environment, this committee designs and enforces policies aimed at preventing and addressing instances of ragging and bullying among students. It conducts awareness campaigns and provides support mechanisms for victims.


Parents Teacher Meeting Committee

 Facilitating communication and collaboration between parents and teachers, this committee organizes regular meetings and events where parents can engage with educators, discuss their child’s progress, and contribute to the school’s educational objectives.


Alumni Network Committee

Dedicated to maintaining connections with former students, this committee cultivates an active alumni network by organizing reunions, networking events, and professional development opportunities. It leverages alumni expertise and resources to support the school’s initiatives.


Financial Management and Budget Committee

Responsible for overseeing the school’s finances, this committee develops budgetary plans, monitors expenditures, and ensures financial transparency and accountability. It makes strategic decisions to optimize resource allocation and maximize the school’s financial sustainability.


CSO & NGO Committee

Collaborating with civil society organizations (CSOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), this committee identifies opportunities for partnerships and community engagement initiatives. It coordinates projects and activities that contribute to social responsibility and community development.


Vocational Skills and Entrepreneur Empowering Committee

Focused on preparing students for the transition to the workforce, this committee designs programs and activities that develop vocational skills, entrepreneurship acumen, and career readiness among students. It fosters innovation and creativity while empowering students to pursue their professional aspirations.

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